New Facebook Page

Just a quick note for all of you “Fans of Stellar Designs Jewelry” on Facebook…we’ve started a new page called … Wait for it … “Stellar Designs Jewelry”! You can find us or by clicking the little Facebook “F” at the top of this page!

Why are we changing??? Well, our original Fan Group has some limitations on FB so we have to switch over to a “Page”…

We’ll be posting on both the group wall and new page for now, but will be exclusively posting on our new page in the coming months!

We hope you “like” our new Stellar Page!!!


New Nugget Earrings!

Now these are cute little nuggets! I just love these little guys!
Each one is hand-made, so each one and each pair will be slightly different!

I personally love the ones with the big chunky facets, and find that they’re a great everyday earring…and a great conversation piece too!!! I mean, who wouldn’t want big gold nuggets on their ears?!!!

We’ve put the gold, silver and magenta colours on our site, but we can honestly do any colour! Just send us me mail if you want a custom pair at


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