Ready for Halloween!

So Alison got us watching the Walking Dead, and now we’re hooked! (if you haven’t already started watching it, you really should!!!)

In honor of the show, and (since it is Halloween this week),I made a new necklace with our new dog tag shaped aluminum pieces!

I’ll have them at our show this weekend (nov 3-4) at Dakota CC if you also want one!

I also have some other great new stamped pieces that I’ll post online and will also have at the show.

Happy Monday everyone!!!


Flutter and Vintage Lace Earrings

We’re so excited for our newest cute little earrings! We’re calling them “flutter” and “vintage lace”!

They are very simple yet elegant, and I personally love, Love, LOVE, the vintage lace ones! I find they are a perfect little go-to pair of earrings. And we all know that a pair of earrings always makes you look so put-together! (even if you spend most of your day wearing lululemon yoga pants!!!)

Be sure to look for them at our shows, which start in less then 3 weeks!!!


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